Types of Trucks in USA. In the last few years, the number of trucks is increasing for the transportation of products from one place to another place. In that, different types or models of trucks are used for transportation in the United States. Here, we are going to discuss different types of heavy vehicles in the United States. If you wish to know the detailed information about heavy vehicles, then come with us and know the complete details. We are providing not only the details but also offering the complete Federal Form 2290 Services to the customers. So, follow our website link to report your truck to the Internal Revenue Service.

Types of Heavy Vehicles

Different types of heavy vehicles are there in the transportation field and each and every type of heavy vehicle run for a specific purpose. Different types of trucks are

  1. Semi-Trailer Truck
  2. Extra Duty Truck
  3. Heavy Truck
  4. Flatbed Truck
  5. Tanker Truck
  6. Garbage Truck
  7. Panel Truck

1. Semi-Trailer Truck:

These trucks are also referred to as tractor-trailers and semi-trailer trucks are mainly used to carry cargo and freight loads. Truckers, who operate these type of trucks must have a special license to legally transport the freight loads.

2. Extra Duty Truck:

Generally, extra duty trucks are used to transport the heavy load cargo from one location to another location.

3. Heavy Truck:

Heavy Trucks, which are having more gross weight and that is up to 33000 lbs of weight. Mostly travels on the highways to transport goods or products from one place to another place. Many types of heavy trucks are there. They are

  1. Mobile Crane
  2. Dump Truck
  3. Log Carrier
  4. Refrigerator Truck
  5. Tractor Unit
  6. Concrete Transport Truck

4. Flatbed Truck:

For any kind of transportation, you can use flatbed trucks. To transport oversized loads or products, flatbed trucks are used.

5. Tanker Truck:

It is a motor vehicle designed to transport gas, petrol or fuel on roads. Mainly, the tanker trucks are used only for gases or liquids.

6. Garbage Truck:

As the name specifies that, it is used to collect the wastage products from each and every place and then transport these products to out of city locations.

7. Panel Truck:

These are small trucks. Generally, panel trucks are used as delivery trucks. That means to transport baked goods, laundry, flowers, or any other types of consumer products.

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