Difficult Time in America: All the world is shutting down and the following lockdown to stop the spread of corona. But our lovable truckers are still working in this hard time to supply raw materials and goods and services to help us. Every trucker is helping us to get out of the risk of COVID-19. But many of the truckers are facing direct COVID-19 affected persons in their duty.

Here we are providing some precautions for the persons who are with a direct contract of COVID-19 Persons. Follow them and try to save yourself from the effects of Coronavirus.

Tips from the CDC to quarantine yourself

If you see the symptoms of COVID-19, then you need to immediately contact the doctor. Just see the below details and if you have any symptoms like the below, immediately contact your doctor.

  • If you get any problem while breathing
  • Any pain or pressure in the chest
  • Inability to arouse
  • Bluish Face or Lips
  • Handle COVID-19 from your truck

Take all the precautions by staying in your truck if you see any COVID-19 symptoms. Take the CDC precautions and self-quarantine by yourself.

CDC Resources regarding COVID-19

How to Quarantine Yourself?

How to take care of someone who is suffering from COVID-19?

COVID-19 Information

Avoid Stress during Quarantine

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