IRS 2290 HVUT Form for an Agriculture Vehicle: For agriculture vehicles, the IRS provides special cases to run an agriculture vehicle on public highways. That means, in some cases an agriculture vehicle considered a heavy vehicle by the Internal Revenue Service. If you are running an agriculture vehicle on the roads in the United States, then you need to know each condition of the Internal Revenue Service regarding Federal Form 2290. As per the IRS 2290 Criteria, the mileage limit for the agriculture vehicle is more than or equal to 7500 miles.

If your agriculture vehicle is in the following conditions, then you need to report your vehicle with the 2290 Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Form E Filing. They are

  1. An agriculture vehicle primarily used for farming purposes.
  2. Your vehicle registered as a heavy highway motor in the United States.

Heavy Vehicle for Farming:

Here, your heavy vehicle used for the transportation of any products from the form and to the form. Mainly, the vehicle used only for forest product transportation only. Then, that particular heavy vehicle considered a farming vehicle. Any forest products include seeds, fertilizer, bees, poultry, fur-bearing animals or wildlife, and etc…If your agriculture vehicle used for any one of the above transportation, then you have to E File Form 2290 and pay 2290 Heavy Highway Tax Amount.

Same as heavy vehicles, here also the gross weight of the vehicle is more than or equal to 55000 pounds. So, if your truck’s gross weight reaches the above value, then you need to File 2290 Highway Use Tax Form. There are no special conditions for agriculture vehicles, the difference is the mileage limit compared to the heavy vehicles.

File 2290 HVUT Form for agriculture vehicle:

If your agriculture vehicle is transporting the above-mentioned material & reaches the specified mileage limit, then you have to File 2290 Heavy Use Tax Form Online. Every year, you need to File 2290 Online and pay your 2290 Road Tax Amount for your agriculture vehicle. Because of filing and 2290 Highway Tax Payment, you can run your heavy vehicle on public highways very freely. If you neglect the 2290 Online Filing and the payment process, then you will face high penalty charges by the Internal Revenue Service. So, to avoid the extra burden by the IRS, quickly report your agriculture vehicle to the IRS on or before the IRS 2290 due date.

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