How To File IRS Form 2290 Online? is a leading IRS authorized Form 2290 online filing service provider serving the requirements of the trucking community as well as tax professionals. Our website provides a very user-friendly e-file solution. It gives instructions to users step-by-step to accomplish also submit the online Form 2290 filing. Any new filer can effortlessly file form 2290 online without any formal training by using we provided instructions.

Following Steps Use to Complete & Submit the Form 2290 E-filing

Sign Up With Form2290filing

Create a free account on by providing the email address, phone number, also password of the person operating the account. It takes just less than a minute to create an account and the user can start filing instantly. It is to be noted that the user can control the e-filing for multiple businesses by a single account. All email notifications correlated to sign up, order submission, form filing rejection, Schedule 1, IRS payment guidelines, reminders, etc. sent to the registered email address.

Start 2290 Form Filing

Click on the begin filing option on the home page to start filing a new return and enter the business details. For filing form 2290 or form 8849 returns, required to provide the business information of the organization. Some of the primary info regarding the business details is:

Business Type

Choose the business entity type from the following list: Corporation, Estates, Partnership, Trust, LLC, Sole Proprietorship, and Others.

Business Name & Doing Business as (DBA)

  • Business Name: Enter the name of the business owner for a sole proprietorship. For other business entity types, enter the business names. Please make sure to enter the names approximately as showing in the EIN registration document.
  • Name Control: When the Form SS-4 application submitted with the IRS then the name control automatically assigned depends on the first four letters of the business name. Or the first four letters of the last name of the person (for Sole Proprietorship). manually creates the name control based on the company name provided. The IRS e-file system matches the provided Federal EIN & Name Control during filing with the details stored in the system.

Employer Identification Number (EIN)

The Employer Identification Number is a unique nine-digit number particularly assigned by the IRS to businesses operating in the United States for identification. Any business e-filing form 2290 need to have the Federal EIN. SSN cannot be used in its place of EIN. The business not having the EIN can apply online with IRS and very rapidly receive it.

Business Address

Enter the present address of the business and the same information will display on the IRS stamped Schedule 1. Enter the email address and phone number of the contact person for the business.

Signing Authority Information

Enter the name, title, phone number, and Personal Identification Number for the signing authority. The PIN is a five-digit number that serves as an electronic signature of taxpayer used when communicating with the IRS for 2290 filing

Select the Form Type

Enter the First Use Month of 2290 Filing

This is very mandatory information that sometimes confuses a lot of taxpayers and the particulars provided below will help to understand the finer details. The HVUT tax year runs from 1st July of the year to 30th June of the following year. If the taxes filed for the whole year then choose July as the first use month.

You can include all vehicles in a single 2290 Form filing with the same first use month. If the first use month of the vehicle(s) is after July of the selected tax year then they should be clubbed into another IRS 2290 if they have the same month. Taxes computed based on the first use month and the total weight of the vehicle. If the first use month is dissimilar to July, then the system automatically prorates the tax amount accordingly.

Enter Vehicle Information

Tax Suspended also Credit vehicles in a step by step process and compute the whole taxes for the taxable vehicles. If the credit amount in the 2290 form more than the tax amount owed, then the system automatically files the 8849 form to claim credit for the balance amount.

Taxable Vehicle

If the expected total mileage on the vehicle is more than 5000 miles (7500 miles for the farming vehicle), then report the vehicle under the taxable vehicle category. Particularly, the IRS categorizes the total load categories from 55,000 pounds to 75,000 pounds, and above from category A to V. IRS provides the tax rates for each category. If the vehicle purchased in any month other than July, then the tax amount prorated. The vehicle taxes have to pay only for the remaining period.

Tax Suspended Vehicle

If the expected total mileage on the vehicle is less than 5000 miles (7500 miles for the farming vehicle) during the tax year, then the vehicle should be reported under the W category. However, there is no tax forced on the tax suspended vehicle but the filing should be performed every year.

Credit Vehicle

 If you have to report about the vehicles that sold, damaged, stolen, or destroyed and want to claim credit for the taxes already paid for these vehicles, then report these vehicles under Credit vehicle. If the vehicle reported as a taxable vehicle(s) in the past tax year and the mileage did not exceed 5000 miles (7500 miles for the farming vehicle), then the credit can be claimed under the low mileage category.

Enter IRS Payment Option

While filing your truck taxes, you can select from any of the three payment options for HVUT payment:

  • Electronic Fund Withdrawal (EFW): This type most generally used payment option by the HVUT filers. Particularly, the tax amount directly debited by the IRS system from the provided checking/saving bank account. There is no transaction fee charged by the Internal Revenue Service. The filer has to provide the bank account & routing number and ensure that it has enough balance.
  • Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS):  EFTPS is a system for paying taxes electronically with the internet. This offered free by the United States Department of Treasury.

Download the IRS Stamped Schedule 1

How To File IRS Form 2290 Online? Generally, the completed IRS form 2290 and IRS Stamped Schedule 1 downloaded from the download option provided on the

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